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Cracks in the Crescent
by Hussein Hajji Wario

Code: CRCR
Out of print

The newest trend in Catholic circles is an unexpected one

But it’s not for Hussein Hajji Wario

Some contemporary Catholics are at pains to spin Islam, apart from “fringe elements,” as a religion made for thoughtful folk. Made for peace. Made for the moderates among us. Just like Christianity, only maybe a little bit different.
Hussein Hajji Wario gets the “different” part. Born and raised Muslim, he became a Christian some years ago—and a target, for that reason, in his native Kenya. His story is not for the gauzy optimists in your parish. It lays out the consequences of author Wario’s courageous act, including threats and anguish normally not associated with religions of moderation and tolerance—extending to his Muslim family, not just to the new Christian convert.
Nor was he singled out only by Muslim “fanatics.” No, this was systemic persecution.

Wario explains in 16 readable chapters what Islam is, and what its belief system has always been. He also tells us what his life is like now, and what it once was.

He contrasts Islamic and Christian teachings. If you believed in moderate Islam before page one, you won’t by the end of Wario’s clear-eyed account.
New Oxford Review devoted major space to author Wario’s spellbinding story. Reviewer Philip Blosser wrote in part:
“Wario’s Cracks in the Crescent warrants special notice. Two facts set this book apart. First, Wario is not only a former Sunni Muslim with years of experience in an Islamic culture, but unlike many Muslims was thoroughly educated in the esoteric aspects of Islam. Second, the arguments he uses to expose Islam—arguments honed by years of experience of debating Muslim peers after his Christian conversion—are drawn from the extensive literature of Islam itself, not merely the Koran, but Islamic history….

The first fourteen chapters of his book chronicle his upbringing in the monolithically Muslim community of his Kenyan Orma tribe, the shocking persecutions that followed his Christian conversion in 1989, and his emigration to the United States, where he attended Hope College in Michigan. The final two chapters deal thematically with the distortions behind the “Jesus of Islam” and the “Promised Comforter,” whom Muslims understand to be Muhammad….
Along with fellow schoolboys, he still bears scars from the floggings they received when they misspelled or mispronounced words from the Koran….
Ominous plans were made to forcibly convert him back to Islam. His family arranged for him to see an exorcist. Attempts were made on his life. His sister attempted to poison him—a fate he only narrowly escaped by a vague intuition that something was wrong on the occasion when she served him a drink. To add insult to injury, he was sometimes criticized by Christians who misunderstood his motives….

By far the most interesting point that Wario discusses is the “Jesus of Islam.” Even though the Wur’an and Hadith depict Jesus in ways that are often grossly distorted, they inadvertently accord Him tremendous attributes that show His vast superiority to all
the prophets mentioned in the Koran, including Muhammad— attributes including His sinlessness, that He would be a revelation and a mercy for mankind, and that He was uniquely protected (along with His mother, Mary, “chosen above the women of all nations”) from Satan at birth….
We owe a debt of gratitude to Wario for the courage of his response to Christ’s call to follow Him out of his Islamic community in Kenya, at great personal cost; for his elegantly written chronicle of those events; and for this rare glimpse into the more esoteric doctrines of Islam. This book should be read by any and all Catholic clergy and laymen interested in Islam. While some of the information provided will call for great tact and sensitivity if shared with Muslim friends and acquaintances, it will readily furnish the needed resources and references required to help both Muslims and non-Muslims come to a clearer understanding of Islam and its growing influence in our world today.”
Softcover “Should be read by any and all Catholic
clergy and laymen interested in Islam.”
—New Oxford Review

Code: CRCR
Out of print



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