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Employment Opportunities for Liberals
Contact Your Local Anti-American Socialist Community Organizers


Open positions:

Stimulus Packages Coordinator

Wealth Redistribution Organizer

Community Communist Organizer

Vote Fraud Specialist

Atheism Marketing Manager

Misinformation Specialists

Seductive Slogans Managers

Dialectics Strategies and Tactics Manager

News Media Distortion Coordinator

World Domination Training Managers

Food Stamps Printing Specialist

Sabotage Technicians

Exterminator Specialists

Dead People Accountants

Liberation Manager

New Ideas Oppression Managers

US Pacifying Specialists

Environmental Distortion Propaganda Scientists

Military Equipment Supply Specialists

Transition to Socialism Managers

Infiltration Managers

Anti-Christian Task Team Managers

Low -Tension Confrontation Managers

Progressive, Anti-Fascist and Liberal Task Team Manager

Economic, Political, and Ideological Instructors

Political Violence Coordinators

Disarmament Managers

UN Global Control Managers

Gradual Transition Directors

Ditente Specialists

Friendship and Pacifism Publications Editors

Crime Expansion Managers

Marxism-Leninism Propaganda Managers

Abortion Senior Specialist

Environmental News Distortion Specialist

Evolution Missing Links Models Production Engineer

Environmental Propaganda Coordinator

Evolution Propaganda Manager

Global Landman Distribution Manager

Global Computing Operations Manager



Protest Songs - "Refugee from Socialism" of Rafael Brom


The Reign of the Antichrist - DVD - Shocking Speech by Fr. O'Connor

The Reign of Antichrist - Books



Free Christian Music MP3 Downloads



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