God Only Knows
Where water comes in desert ground,
The land is desolate, by sunshine bound,
A harsh, inhospitable place of meager worth,
Yet rivers flow and life comes forth
But no one knows the hidden source
Or traced labyrinth of its course

The realms of nature are unknown,
Unknown and secret as the human soul
For where is logic in our mind
Each time we forgive a thing unkind
Or who can surmise, divine or guess
Things that in heart all pain redress?

And so is love, incomprehensible, unknown,
Each different, with secrets of its own;
Awaited in longing, welcomed with relief,
In midst of bliss foreboding future grief.
Yet, can anyone explain how glow alone
Warms us even long after fire's gone.

Within our breast sadness oft rises cries
And bitter tears distress our eyes;
Hope like a broken crystal scattered lies,
Still, in each fragment light never dies;
The treasure, in pieces on the ground
Refracts bright rainbows cast all around.

Why can't the worthy find the way,
The wicked nearly always win
The true and real deprived of joy,
Only the false and phony acclaim enjoy .
And what's the use of heros' valor,
Masses want only socialist chains and squalor.

Ignorant and lazy chose what they've got,
Why blame all others for their lot?
Is fathers' wisdom worthless, without a clue,
Must each next generation learn everything anew?
Will very old replace those yet unborn,
New life destroyed should we not mourn?

Charity summons rich to help the poor,
Beyond frugal comfort beckons sin's allure.
Impiety, pride and lust are fatal flaws,
Will obedience save us from eternal loss?
Man's doomed to struggle night and day,
His passions and temptations held at bay.

God's conscience in us rejects the devil,
Rebellious will still chooses to do evil.
Can Faith alone save human soul,
Without works, can anyone attain the goal?
Our redemption is a gift of Faith,
Salvation must be earned by efforts made.

Is popular Democracy the sole supreme god,
"Pursuit of happiness" our main declared lot?
Can Pragmatism guide man's choices alone,
Rejecting the foundation of dogma's cornerstone
Are absolutes only things we can measure,
Should truths be determined at our pleasure?

Divine laws we need are all revealed,
Why search them among others still concealed ?
Secular demagogues perverted the teachings of Humanism,
They scoff at Religion and worship Satanism!
Decadent and divided nations can't survive,
Should strong leaders restore them to life?

A heroic Nation** betrayed, by enemies destroyed,
Will its millennial glory ever be restored?
Christians by co-religionists abandoned to their fate,
Indifference more cruel than their adversaries hate.
Arctic permafrost protects forever martyrs' sacred relics,
Kolyma's aurora borealis their graves sole obelisk.

Apocalypse of Siberia Free World purposefully ignored
Though patriots perished there by millions scored.
Liberal 'scholars' by media and populace acclaimed
Falsified history, scoundrels as great men proclaimed.
Can honesty by lies be totally suppressed ?
When will the righteous find their rest?

Tolerated outrage is a sign of weakness,
Can enemies within be deterred with meekness?
Humanity is liberated, wild free to run,
Except God may have a different plan.
Wrongdoers inexorably must face the wronged again,
No one can escape unpunished unrequitted pain!

Though our omniscience now reaches infinitely far
Who knows what's beyond the farthest star?
It is Christ sitting on His throne,
Correcting errant planets off their orbit gone,
Hurling millions of galaxies into space,
Yet sustaining the Faithful by His grace.

Life's many paradoxes must forever be,
Proud men to- blind , for humble to see.
It's time I go before my God,
Seek freedom from bonds of earthly lot.
Virgen Mary, please, guide my way,
Hell to avoid, find place to stay!

Wladyslaw  John  Cieslewicz
Professor, Colorado School of Mines
Colorado City, Colorado
Easter, 2003
e-mail: WJOC@Juno.com




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